Customer Request Form

Drop-off information

All information dropped off needs name , date of drop off, last' four of social and phone number. Drop off's will be worked up, in order that they were dropped off. We also have a drop off slot to the left of our door, if it is after hours.
To Make 1099's and W-2's we must have the following information written down:

  • Employer:
    1. Name
    2. Business Name ( if you have one)
    3. ID Number (social or EIN Number)
    4. Address and Telephone Number
  • Employee:
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. ID Number (Social or EIN Number)
    4. Amount paid for year

Please use these forms when requesting 1099's or W-2's:



At Jowers Tax, we understand that every client has unique tax needs and circumstances. To ensure that we can provide you with the most accurate and personalized assistance, we have created a custom request form. This form allows you to provide us with specific details about your tax situation, any special deductions or credits you may qualify for, and any additional information that is relevant to your tax planning needs. By filling out this form, you are helping us tailor our services directly to your requirements, saving you time and ensuring that we address all aspects of your tax situation. Rest assured that all information provided on the form is kept confidential and secure. Simply complete the form, and our team of experienced tax professionals will carefully review your information before contacting you to discuss your customized tax solutions. Streamline the process and receive personalized assistance by filling out our custom request form today.


Any questions you have can be directed to Joanna at She will not return phone calls, because she is so busy and loves to talk, but she will answer any of your questions through email. Please do not ask for appointments through email, those are set through our voicemail.